JAY-Z Vs. Big Pun & Fat Joe – Beef Analysis [Full Breakdown]

Big Pun Chasing JAY-Z Around The Couch, Nas King’s Disease 3 & Ether Diss, JAY-Z Vs. Big Pun Beef – Hip-Hop Universe

This video is a full breakdown of the rap battle beween JAY-Z, Big Pun & Fat Joe (Roc-A-Fella Vs. Te**or Squad)

During the late 90s, Big Pun and Jay-Z had aggressive competition going on, that resulted in a bottle getting cracked over one of their heads. Years later after Pun passed away and was never harmed in the situation, Fat Joe was at the middle of a beef between Nas and JAY-Z.

0:00 – Intro
1:28 – 1995: Big Pun’s commercial Debut & alliance with Fat Joe (Full-A-Clips & TS)
2:34 – 1996: JAY-Z releases Reasonable Doubt, samples & “bites” Fat Joe
7:18 – 1997: JAY-Z claims the title “King Of New York” for himself & continues “biting” Fat Joe
10:39 – 1998: Big Pun releases Capital P. and outsells
12:03 – The incident in Carbon: “Big Pun hit JAY with a bottle”
– The Negotiations & Plans: JAY-Z ended up not performing
– Memphis Bleek hits a guy from TS on the head with a bottle
– Fight breaks out between TS & Roc-A-Fella
– Noreaga’s side of the story
– Big Pun disses JAY-Z: “Champagne on the Rocs”
– JAY-Z calls Noreaga to correct him
– JAY-Z responding to the Rumor
– Big Pun’s widow & Cuban Link shutting down the Rumors
– DJ Whoo Kid’s Side Of The Story
24:09 – Sauce Money & JAY-Z diss Big Pun & Fat Joe
– Sauce Money releases a Big Pun diss record called “Middle Finger U”
– Lyrical Breakdown of the diss
– DJ Whoo Kid has an alternative version of the diss song on his mixtape
30:59 – Big Pun & Fat Joe find out about the diss & threaten DJ Whoo Kid
– Big Pun goes to Nore’s “Banned From TV” video shoot
– Big Pun gets Whoo Kid’s number & calls him
– Whoo Kid drives to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem
– Whoo Kid follows the Puerto Rican driver into the projects
– Whoo Kid makes it to the Van
– Big Pun’s people force Whoo Kid into the Van
– Big Pun & Whoo Kid talk in the Van
– Escaping the Van
48:02 – Big Pun & Fat Joe try to find & confront JAY-Z
51:36 – Big Pun & Fat Joe chase JAY-Z around a couch & threaten him in Chicago
55:45 – Rumors about the meeting in Chicago
– Big Pun hit JAY-Z with a bottle
– Big Pun threw bottles at JAY-Z
– JAY-Z tried to punch Fat Joe/Frankie The Terminator Estrada Vs. Fat Joe
– Big Pun put a g*n to JAY-Z’ chest
– JAY-Z was forced to write a check for Big Pun & Fat Joe (Nas’ Unreleased Ether Verse)
– The meeting happened in the Roc-A-Fella Office or 40/40 Club
– “Eye witness” breaks down what happened
1:08:30 – Sauce Money & Big Pun squash the beef on the phone
1:09:34 – Fat Joe disses JAY-Z on his album “Don Cartagena”
1:12:56 – JAY-Z outsells Big Pun & Fat Joe with his Album Vol 2 Hard Knock Life
1:15:03 – 1999: JAY-Z wins 8 awards while Big Pun loses in every category
1:19:03 – Big Pun disses JAY-Z on “Heavyweights”
1:21:21 – Big Pun’s health problems, the weight loss campaign & recording of his final album “Yeah Baby”
1:22:28 – Big Pun & Fat Joe diss JAY-Z on the Te**or Squad Album
1:26:04 – 2000: Big Pun disses JAY on the Yeah Baby Album
1:27:12 – Big Pun passes away, Fat Joe’s depression & problems with TS
1:28:50 – 2001: JAY-Z Releases the Blueprint album & squashes the beef with Fat Joe a day before Nas’ JAY-Z diss track Ether came out
1:30:40 – Fat Joe teams up with Nas & disses JAY-Z on Jealous Ones Still Envy Album
1:36:13 – 2002: JAY-Z disses Fat Joe on Blueprint 2 & “He Asked For It”
1:41:20 – 2003: JAY-Z & Fat Joe compete outside of music: Rucker Basketball Game (Entertainers Basketball Classic 2003)
1:54:22 – 2004: JAY-Z disses Fat Joe on “The Game Iz Mine”
1:55:18 – Fat Joe disses JAY-Z on “Lean Back”
1:56:29 – 2005: JAY-Z disses Fat Joe on Kayne West’s Diamonds From Sierra Leone
1:56:47 – 2006: JAY-Z & Nas squash their beef, Fat Joe feels abandoned & the beef continues
1:57:45 – 2012: Fat Joe goes to prison for Tax evasion & decides to squash the beef
1:58:10 – 2016 – JAY-Z squashes the beef with Fat Joe & appears on the remix version for All The Way Up
1:59:39 – Outro

Part 1: https://youtu.be/OAYHyqpVRao (Big Pun Chased JAY-Z With A Bottle)
Part 2: https://youtu.be/JvpedmjIHRc (Big Pun Threatening DJ Whoo Kid over a JAY-Z Diss Record)
Part 3: https://youtu.be/quHiDYdxsrQ (Big Pun Chased JAY-Z Around A Couch)

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