The Reason Why 50 Cent Got Shot 9 Times [The Supreme Team]

50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule & Supreme, Ghetto Quran & the Reason Why 50 Cent Was Shot 9 Times (Supreme McGriff, E-Money Bags, Jam Master J & Prodigy from Mobb Deep)

Who shot 50 Cent? Days before 50 Cent was scheduled to film its music video, he was attacked by a gunman in the infamous shooting incident that left him with nine gunshot wounds and gave him his dimple scar; an event that 50 Cent often references in his lyrics. While hospitalized, he signed a publishing deal with Columbia Records; however, he was dropped from the label after it was discovered that he had been shot. The track, “Ghetto Qur’an (Forgive Me)”, has been speculated to be the reason for the shooting.

The third and final single, “Your Life’s on the Line”, was released in 1999. The song was produced by Terrence Dudley, and was perceived as a diss song to Ja Rule, which would begin their highly publicized feud on records. 50 mocks Ja Rule’s catchphrase “Murdaa!”, on the chorus of the song. A music video for this song was released, which was also the only song with a music video of the whole album. The song would later be included as a bonus track on 50’s officially released debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

0:00 – Intro: What happened the day 50 Cent got sh*t?
01:57 – Who is Kenneth Supreme McGriff, what is the Supreme Team & the 5 Percent Nation?
04:18 – Supreme comes out of Prison & joins Ja Rule & Irv Gott’s label Mu*rda Inc.
5:39 – 1999: Ja Rule’s chain gets stolen by Troy, a friend of 50 Cent
6:12 – Ja Rule then sh*t a music video for the song M*rda 4 Life & “disrespects” 50 Cent at club Amazura
8:27 – 50 Cent speaks to Supreme about Ja Rule & disses him on “Your Life’s On The Line”
11:02 – 50 Cent’s friend E-Money Bags gets into a dispute with Supreme & Black Just
14:11 – 50 Cent, E-Money Bags, Big Nose Troy Singleton & Green Eyed Born form a coalition against Supreme
15:30 – 2000: 50 Cent steal Ja Rule’s chain when they meet at the Swiss Hotel in Atlanta & when it comes to an altercation
17:20 – 50 Cent wears the chain the in “Your Life’s On The Line” music video & gives it back to Supreme
18:40 – 50 Cent tries to approach Ja Rule again during a video shoot but Supreme intervenes
19:25 – Supreme & Chaz Slim Williams try to make 50 Cent & Ja Rule squash the beef
21:57 – Ja Rule, Irv & Chris Gotti altercation with 50 Cent in the Hit Factory Recording Studio
24:26 – 50 Cent gets labeled a snitch due to the Restraining Order (Order of protection)
26:40 – 50 Cent’s song Ghetto Qu’Ran infuriates & pressures Supreme
34:11 – Supreme decides to get rid of 50 Cent, E-Money Bags, Big Nose Troy & Green Eyed Born
34:37 – Mike Tyson’s friend Darryl Baum sh**ts 50 Cent 9 times & passes away 3 weeks later after an altercation with Damion World Hardy
37:32 – Rumors about Supreme having something to do with Jam Master J’s deah & the blackballing of 50 Cent
41:20 – 50 Cent Ghetto Quran Analysis: Supreme & Gerald Prince Miller
44:55 – Lorenzo Fat Cat Nichols & Howard Pappy Mason
47:41 – Black Just from the Supreme Team & his relationship to 50 Cent
49:01 – Baby Wise from the Supreme Team
50:50 – L.A. & Wise from the Supreme Team
52:08 – Prince from Supreme Team & the story with the Columbians (Shannon, C-Just, Big C, Pookie & Righteous)
56:22 – Bimmy from the Supreme Team
57:28 – Puerto Rican Righteous from the Supreme Team
58:49 – Chaz Slim Williams
1:00:03 – Tyran Tah Tah Moore from the Supreme Team
1:00:29 – Corley Wall & the Corley Brothers
1:01:53 – Vincent Palermo (Vinnie Ocean) & the DeCavalcante crime family
1:02:15 – Thomas Mickens AKA Tony Montana
1:02:55 – Rich, Ron & Alpo Martinez
1:04:04 – Himey, Frenchy, Jamaican Pauly, Duckie Corley, Ronnie Bumps & Chick
1:05:11 – Lefty and Jazz, Pretty Tone & Lance, Head Luc, Mel Son, Big Nose Troy Singleton & E-Money Bags, Clarence, Clutch, Bob Dre & Black Will
1:07:09 – The Aftermath: EMINEM & Dr. Dre find 50 Cent & he releases Get Rich Or Die Trying
1:08:31 – 50 Cent speaks on Supreme
1:09:40 – Outro

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